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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improvement of unpaid results (known as “natural” or “organic” results) to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page.

As SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the pillars for any business and more than 2 billion people using search engines on a daily basis, obtaining higher ranking is one of the most cost effective online marketing tools you must implement in current digital world. Successful SEO helps your site gain top positions on search engines for relevant targeted keywords or keyphrases. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users and these visitors can be converted into customers. With us, you can rest assured that you are in the priority list of the Google Search Engine.

A Complete SEO Checklist For Website Owners

Google Analytics (GA) is the foundation of SEO for any site. From Google Analytics, you can view integral data such as page views, bounce rate for users, session duration, and referral source. GA in its most basic form allows you to monitor traffic, view patterns and understand how users find and interact with your site.

Search Console is another free tool offered by Google that not only gives you further insights on your website’s SEO performance but also helps with the indexing of your site. Through search console you can enable messages from the Google search team, which can warn you if your site is compromised by hacking or malware.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is software from Google that allows you to add specific tags to elements of your site for track specific sales, conversions, etc.

Webmaster Tool can help you analyze traffic coming from user search and add that valuable data to your overall reports on digital marketing activity/performance as a whole.

XML sitemap is a roadmap to leads Google to essential pages, integral for SEO. Sitemaps help users find and navigate all the pages on your site. It also serves as a blueprint for Google to crawl your site, find relevant content and help your pages rank higher.

Page speed is determined by how long it takes all the content to display on a specific page of your site. If your user have to wait too long to get what they are looking for, they normally will just close your website. And that is why a slow page load is penalized by the search engines and has an impact on your website ranking.

Google always prefers mobile friendly website and encourage optimizing your website for users on smartphones and tablets. Mobile friendly website also known as responsive website and these websites will “respond” to any device and different size of display screen. If your sites that did not switch to mobile-friendly platforms, Google will penalty and dropped your site SEO rankings, which resulted in fewer people seeing and clicking on your site.

Having a secure website means you’ve installed an SSL certificate, which uses encryption to protect users when connecting their browser to the server where your site is hosted. It’s essential for UX to see a secure notification on a website. For SEO purposes, research generally points to secure websites ranking better.

Quality content writing is the most important part of your SEO. Your site’s content should be unique, relevant, accurate, comprehensive, and it should not be mass-produced or outsourced on a large number of other sites. Without high-quality content, you can’t realize the full benefits of SEO – relevant and useful content on your website motivates your website visitors to stay for longer, and this can positively impact your search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We provide high-quality services for Serach Engine Optimization, Link Building, and Content-Marketing. It includes:

  • Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  • Website Architecture Optimization
  • Code Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Optimization


50% of sales increased

Our best result - up to 50% of the customer revenue through SEO

5% conversion rate

More than 5% of site visitors have come to our clients.

Customers stay with you for a long time

You are 2-3 times longer communicating with your clients, respectively purchase also 2-3 times more

Payback in 2-3 months

One of our customer SEO shows 30% more payback than other channels of internet advertising. The average check increased by 40% from SEO

60% of repeat sales

The highest rate of repeat sales through personalized offers and its series of reminders

At 3-5 times more money from the customer

A customer brings in an average of 3-5 times more money by staying loyal customer forever

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