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  1. To use WebMail System to retrieve e-mail, please follow the instruction below :-
    • Open your web browser [ Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc].
    • Go to You should see a LOGIN box if you enter a correct address.

    *NOTE: The domain name does not prefix with “www” , instead, it prefix with “mail.”.

  1. Enter your e-mail address and password, then click Login > button.
    If your e-mail address is, then enter in the Email Address Field.
    Then, enter your password. Take note that your password is Case Sensitive.
  1. Check for a new message
    • By default, once you have successfully logon to the WebMail System, total of new message will be shown in the parentheses beside Main folder link in the Mailbox column.
    • If you want to check for a new message, click the Check Mail link or press F5 to refresh the page.
  1. To change the password for your email, please follow this simple instruction:
    • Go to Settings (at the top).
    • Go to Account Settings (at the left).
    • In the user section, put your current password that already provide to you.
    • Put in the new password. Make sure to fill in the same new password in the “Confirm Password” section.
    • Click save.
  1. Sometimes, it is important for you to set autoresponder to your email whenever you are not able to check your email (for example: on leave, vacation). This autoresponder system will reply your email automatically to the sender. To set your autoresponder system, simply follow the instruction below:
    • Go to Settings menu (at the top).
    • Go to Auto-Responder menu (at the left panel).
    • In Option, tick Enable auto-responder.
    • In Auto-Responder Message, type your message. then click save. Sender will get your message straight away to their inbox after they sent you an email
    • Make sure to untick “Enable auto-responder” again after you plan to not set the auto-respond to your sender
  1. Follow these step to setup your own signature in the email:
    • Go to Settings menu (at the top).
    • Go to Signatures menu (at the left panel).
    • In Signatures section, click new. Put in your signature.
    • Click save.
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