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How to Use Your Domain Webmail

To use WebMail System to retrieve e-mail, please follow the instruction below :-

1. a) Open your web browser [ Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc].
    b) Goto http://mail.yourdomain.com. You should see a LOGIN box if you enter a correct address.

      *NOTE: The domain name does not prefix with "www" , instead, it prefix with "mail.".

2. Enter your e-mail address and password, then click Login > button.
   If your e-mail address is abc@yourdomain.com, then enter abc@yourdomain.com in the Email Address Field.
   Then, enter your password. Take note that your password is Case Sensitive.

3. Check for a new message.

    a)By default, once you have successfully logon to the WebMail System, total of new message will be shown in
      the parentheses beside Main folder link in the Mailbox column.
    b) If you want to check for a new message, click the Check Mail link or press F5 to refresh the page.

4. To change the password for your email, please follow this simple instruction:
  • Go to Settings (at the top)
  • Go to Account Settings (at the left)
  • In the user section, put your current password that already provide to you.
  • Put in the new password. Make sure to fill in the same new password in the "Confirm Password" section
  • Click save

5. Sometimes, it is important for you to set autoresponder to your email whenever you are not able to check your email
   (for example: on leave, vacation). This autoresponder system will reply your email automatically to the sender.
   To set your autoresponder system, simply follow the instruction below:
  • Go to Settings menu (at the top)
  • Go to Auto-Responder menu (at the left panel)
  • In Option, tick Enable auto-responder
  • In Auto-Responder Message, type your message. then click save. Sender will get your message straight away
    to their inbox after they sent you an email.
  • Make sure to untick "Enable auto-responder" again after you plan to not set the auto-respons to your sender.

6. Follow these step to setup your own signature in the email:
  • Go to Settings menu (at the top)
  • Go to Signatures menu (at the left panel)
  • In Signatures section, click new. Put in your signature.
  • Click save

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