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How to - Setting up Your Mail Account on Android

Android software version 2.2(Froyo):

 1. From the Home Screen or Application Menu, click the Mail icon.
2. If you DO NOT already have a POP, IMAP or Exchange email account setup on your phone, skip to step 5,
    other wise you should see a screen like the one below. From this screen, click the Menu Button on
    your phone to bring up additional setting options.
3. Click More.
4. Click New account.
5. Select Other (POP3/IMAP)
6. Choose Manual Setup.
7. Fill out the Incoming settings screen like the example below with your specific credentials then click Next.
8. Fill out the Outgoing server settings screen like the example below with your specific credentials then click Next.
    Remember to change the outgoing port to 587 as shown below. You must also have the checkbox for"My outgoing
    server (SMTP) requires authentication
" under "More settings" and the "Outgoing Server" tab.

9. Choose what to call this email account on the following screen then click Finish Setup.

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